Quarter Turn Worm Gearbox

Manual Quarter Turn

C.U.M. GEARS WG series are manufactured for both manual and motorized use.
With well-designed sealings and with the use of the highest-grade materials in production, our WG withstand even the most critical environments.
Our WG series provide guaranteed reliability and durability solutions for quarter-turn process control applications.

The WG Series is suitable for maneuvering a quarter turn valves (ball valve, butterfly valve etc.) and other valve type. All the mechanical components are accurately manfactured and the housing is designed to allow each requested ingress protection degree (IP 65; IP 66/67/68 upon request). The worm wheel is made of a special Aluminum bronze alloy or full ductile iron which is highly efficient and resistant.

The essential characteristic of the worm wheel is the particular procedure of fusion which offers a simple and robust construction higher rigidity.
The worm screw, embedded directly on the alloyed steel shaft, is supported by bearings which absorb completely the axial and radial thrusts transmitted from the worm screw to the housing, guaranteeing a great reliability and mechanical efficiency.
The mechanical stoppers can be regulated granting extra stroke +/- 5°

The lubrication of the mechanical components is obtained by an approved grease which guarantees a high efficiency with the minimum of maintenance.

Technical specifications

– Torque range up to 75000 Nm
– Ratios from 50 to 1680:1
– ATEX/UKCA Certificate
– Worm wheel material: Aluminum bronze or ductile iron
– Service classification: class A and B according to EN 15714-2
– STD Temperature range: -30C° +85°C
– IP 65-67
– Manual or electric actuator drive

– Motorized flange (ISO 5210)
– IP68
– Subsea series
– High and low temperatures
– Stainless steel components material

On demand we can supply special executions for any kind of need, such as vertical input handwheel, chain wheel, surface treatments for low temperature environments, subsea product series and customized valve flanges. Very demanded are our padlock based handwheel locking systems.

Manual Quarter Turn

Manual Quarter Turn

Motorized Quarter Turn